get familiar with your food


When I first went into the culinary world, I entered with the broad question, “What does it mean to eat food?”  With that question in mind, the first question that followed was, “What does it mean to cook at the highest level?”

It was a question that landed me in restaurants and kitchens and over fire and ice from New York to Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka, all the way to Mumbai and back to Colorado and several places in between.  

What followed was another question, “Where does it come from and how does it happen.”  I searched for the answer as a farm apprentice in the Hudson Valley.  I went into the woods and searched for flavor, I went into the ocean to see if a fish is a fish.  

Finally the idea was, “How do I guide someone through this experience?”  How do I guide someone deeper into the experience of what’s on their plate.  This is my first response to that question.